Jungian Analyst & Registered LPC Intern

My Practice

I provide adult individual and couples counseling. 

My aim is to help clients follow a meaningful life path and overcome obstacles to their growth which often occur in early adulthood, at midlife, or later life. 

I encourage clients to pay close attention to their dreams, bodies, emotions, and significant life events as sources of inner knowledge that clients may have learned to ignore over the course of their lives. 

I offer a process to help clients become aware of the defenses they developed early in life to protect themselves but which now pose a barrier to re-connecting to their deepest self and what matters most to their happiness. 

I also offer documented strategies to help clients cope with depression, anxiety, and destructive behaviors. 

I bring experience working with diverse ethnic and age groups; extensive knowledge of educational and work organizations; and skill at facilitating communication and resolving conflict.

Education and Training


I am a registered intern of the Oregon Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists since 2015.  I provide therapy under the Board-approved supervision of James Soliday, D. Min., LMFT; abide by the Board's Code of Ethics; and participate in ongoing education.  



  Diplomate of the C.G. Jung Institute Zurich, Switzerland. My training included study of ancient sources of wisdom in myth, fairy tale, and prehistoric religion; analysis of symbols in dreams and art; personal psychotherapy to increase my own self-knowledge and empathy with clients; and supervision of my clinical work by Institute analysts.

(Above: Jung's tower in Bollingen, Switzerland) 



 Master's level work in counseling psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute with a yearlong clinical internship at Eugene Family Institute.

 Doctorate in Psychology from Arizona State University 

(Above: Symbols of the life force that never ends from ancient Maltese Temple Art, 4000 BC)

Prior Experience

 Before becoming a psychotherapist, I carried out research and technical assistance on high school reform at district and national levels with stints at Bank Street College of Education in NYC, Temple University, University of Oregon, and Education Northwest in Portland, OR.

The Relevance of Ancient Wisdom

Sleeping Lady and the Rite of Incubation, Malta Hypogeum, 3300 BC

Sleeping Lady and the Rite of Incubation, Malta Hypogeum, 3300 BC



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Diana Oxley

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Tue-Fri: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm